Hagia Sophia, History Brief of the Great Architecture

Hagia Sophia, Turkish Ayasofya, Latin Sancta Sophia, likewise called Church of the Sacred Insight or Church of the Heavenly Insight, a significant Byzantine design in Istanbul and one of the world’s extraordinary landmarks. It was worked as a Christian church in the sixth century ce (532-537) under the course of the Byzantine sovereign Justinian I. In ensuing hundreds of years it turned into a mosque, a historical center, and a mosque once more. The structure mirrors the strict changes that have worked out in the area throughout the long term, with the minarets and engravings of Islam as well as the extravagant mosaics of Christianity.

The first church on the site of the Hagia Sophia is said to have been requested to be worked by Constantine I in 325 on the groundworks of an agnostic sanctuary. His child, Constantius II, blessed it in 360. It was harmed in 404 by a fire that emitted during a mob following the second expulsion of St. John Chrysostom, then patriarch of Constantinople. It was revamped and developed by the Roman ruler Constans I. The reestablished fabricating was rededicated in 415 by Theodosius II. The congregation was scorched again in the Nika revolt of January 532, a situation that offered Justinian I a chance to imagine an unbelievable substitution.

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The resultant Hagia Sophia was underlying the amazingly brief time frame of around six years, being finished in 537 ce. Surprising for the period where it was constructed, the names of the structure’s modelers — Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus — are notable, similar to their knowledge of mechanics and science. The construction currently standing is basically the sixth century building, albeit a tremor caused a fractional breakdown of the vault in 558 (reestablished 562) and there were two further halfway implodes, after which it was revamped to a more limited size and the entire church built up from an external perspective. It was reestablished again during the fourteenth 100 years. For over a thousand years it was the House of prayer of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. It was stolen from in 1204 by the Venetians and the Crusaders on the Fourth Campaign.

After the Turkish triumph of Constantinople in 1453, Mehmed II had it reused as a mosque, with the expansion of a wooden minaret (on the outside, a pinnacle utilized for the request to supplication), an extraordinary light fixture, a mihrab (specialty showing the heading of Mecca), and a minbar (platform). Possibly he or his child Bayezid II raised the red minaret that stands on the southeast corner of the design. The first wooden minaret didn’t get by. Bayezid II raised the restricted white minaret on the upper east side of the mosque. The two indistinguishable minarets on the western side were possible dispatched by Selim II or Murad III and worked by famous Ottoman draftsman Sinan during the 1500s.

Sipadan Island Guide

Having an alternate marine life, Sipadan Island is a home of ordinary brilliance and stunning scenes. Beside being the most notable plunging spot, Sipadan reliably remembers for the planet’s vitally 10 hopping spots, raising the resistance with the famous Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

This rich climate has voluminous sorts of fishes, land and water proficient animals, and coral reefs. Regardless of the way that Sipadan, charms people to visit, isn’t successfully open for explorer visits. Given that you get a plunging permit, then, you are totally fine to visit this exciting world. In any case, if you disregard to visit Sipadan, the enveloping islands of Mabul and Kapalai (of Malaysia) stands up as the elective goal. Sipadan is two or three 45-50 minutes boat ride from these two islands.

The permit for your trip to Sipadan can be stocked into 2 chief orders – one being a jumper’s award, while the other being a non-jumper’s award. Jumper’s permit might be hard to get since there is a limit to have only 120 jumpers every day making a dive the waters of Sipadan. The other award, in any case, might be reachable, which will recollect of your visit at the island. The more you wish you to stay, more is the chance to get a permit.

It is a ton of critical to screen your schedule things. Nothing is different with Sipadan. We prescribe you to be more careful, truly. The nearest air terminal from the Sipadan Island is the Tawau Airport, arranged in Sabah, Malaysia. Having courses of action of relocation checks for International flights, this air terminal is the nearest huge vehicle place for the tourists. The other air terminal, Kota Kinabalu International Airport is another decision you have nearby yet will cost you around 1 – an hour and a half more.

From both of these two air terminals, you are to go out to Semporna Island. With transports, minivans, and individual taxicabs keeping things under control for your arrival in the air terminals, a drive to Semporna island will expect up 90 minutes from Tawau Airport. From Semporna Island, you have a changeover to transport boats that will get you to the Mabul islands.

Thai AirAsia’s Hospitality Reviews

If you are looking for genuine Thai AirAsia reviews, you have come to the right place. For those who don’t know, Thai AirAsia is an airline that’s basically a joint venture between AirAsia, a Malaysian low-cost carrier, and Asia Aviation, a Thai airline company. This airline was previously based in Suvarnabhumi Airport, but it moved all of its operations to Don Mueang Airport in October 2012.

The fleet of this airline is consisting of 44 different Airbus A320 models with a total of 40 routes, with 18 domestic destinations. Its international destinations are including China, India, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and many more. Therefore, if you plan to travel to Thailand and wonder whether this budget airline is worth it, you better check the following review.

What’s It Really Like to Travel with Thai AirAsia?

It’s very understandable for you to read a lot of Thai AirAsia reviews before flying with this airline. You will find various reviews, some are good, and most of them are a bit unpleasant. It’s understandable if you feel a bit nervous knowing it’s your first flight with this low-cost airline.

It was actually not as bad as what most of the reviewers said. Some reviewers said it was a relatively good airline, as many of them flew with Thai AirAsia more than ten times. Let’s check the details below.

  • Check-In

In this review, it will be on an Airbus A320 on a domestic flight from Chiang Mai airport to Bangkok. Let’s start at the Thai AirAsia check-in counters, which are located on the airport’s domestic side. If you travel during off-peak season, there won’t be many flights departing at that time.

Flying with Thai AirAsia during off-peak travel times would also mean the check-in process would run smoothly. The good thing about this airline is it provides a 20-kilogram baggage allowance, which is relatively large despite being a low-cost carrier.

If your luggage exceeds the maximum allowance, you will be charged additional costs. You are also free to bring a carry-on suitcase with the dimensions of 56 x 36 x 23 cm and a compact laptop or camera bag. The weight limit for hand luggage is 7 kg.

  • Tickets Booking

The initial airfare for one way flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok with Thai AirAsia is between US$35.00 to US$41.00. This ticket price is indefinite, so it’s highly advised to check online travel agencies or visit the official platform of AirAsia.

However, booking this airline ticket directly through the web from Thailand has been a significant concern for some foreigners. The problem is that there is no customer service available, and the only way to contact them is through live chat, which is more like an automated chat answer.

Suppose you purchase a ticket through the AirAsia website and you need to change your flight date. In that case, chances are you will only spend your time trying to contact the customer center. It would be best to book a ticket via reliable travel aggregator sites to avoid such an issue. Besides having various flight options, you will also find many Thai AirAsia reviews such as this one that you can use as references.

  • Cabin Space and Seats

The seats of this airline are reasonably comfortable and bearable for a lost-cost carrier, and there is plenty of legroom. You won’t feel cramped up if it’s only a short flight. However, suppose it’s a more extended flight, and you are over six feet tall. In that case, it’s advised to book a seat near the emergency exit to get spacious legroom.

Although many reviewers said that the legroom is tight for most people, the interior of the Thai AirAsia cabin is airy and bright. Even the restrooms are spotless. The cabin crew is also polite and competent. If only the reclining button could be removed, then no one will ever feel cramped up again.

Unfortunately, some passengers still don’t think about the others regarding the legroom. So, it’s basically not the fault of the airline. It’s instead of the fault of most modern travelers.

If you travel with Thai AirAsia on a long flight, you can either rent or purchase pillows and blankets. The airline also provides a quiet zone seating area that passengers under the age of 12 years of age can’t be booked.

Aside from that, you can select a lot of additional options when you purchase the ticket. These options mainly include early boarding, food, a vacant seat if the airplane is not full, an exclusive seat, and many more. Of course, all these extras are not free.

  • Entertainment

You can read Thai AirAsia reviews as many as you want, and you will know there is no such a thing as free entertainment when you are onboard. If you are a budget traveler and would like to save money while remaining entertained, carry a book or even a tablet with your favorite music or movies.

Suppose you are traveling with Thai AirAsia on a long flight. In that case, the cabin crew offers a tablet that is loaded with TV shows, movies, music, games, and magazines. Obviously, this service is not free; you will need to pay the rental fee for this entertainment facility. It will cost you approximately US$12 if you rent on board and US$17 if you book ahead of time.

  • Food

When you fly with a budget airline such as Thai AirAsia, you should know that food is not included in the total cost, regardless of which seat you are booking. For around US$10, you can get a delectable Thai meal along with water.

The food is somewhat spicy as Thai cuisine should be. It’s hot and delicious for airplane food. If you make a reservation ahead of time, you will get the food you desire at a price that’s slightly lower than the price for the meal you order onboard.

From these Thai AirAsia reviews, you know that the service the Thai AirAsia has to offer from the check-in process is relatively good for a low-cost carrier. If you want to travel across Thailand with a domestic airline and save money, this one may be a good option.




Japan’s Oldest Hotel Offers Self-Service Stay

The Covid-19 Covid pandemic has seriously influenced various inns in Japan, barring the world’s second most established lodging, Houshi Ryokan Ishikawa in Yamanashi Prefecture. Houshi Ryokan holds the Guinness World Record for the most seasoned lodging on the planet until 2011.

This slelama, the inn has facilitated visitors, including figures, for example, daimyo Takeda Shingen, Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu, and numerous sovereigns for over 1,300 years, announced from the Japan Times page, Monday (12/4/2021).

The lodging has given limits to help pull in visitors. The individuals who beforehand couldn’t bear the cost of the normal charge of 30,000 yen or about RP4 million for a room would now be able to understand their fantasy about remaining and absorbing the noteworthy, underground aquifers.

Seiji Nakazawa, one of the correspondents didn’t squander the chance. He at that point booked to go to Houshi Ryokan for an important evening.

Subsequent to checking in at the front counter, Seiji searches for a watchman to assist him with carrying his baggage to his room, a help regularly gave at extravagance ryokans. Nonetheless, the ryokan appears to work with little staff, so when nobody appears, he asks and is informed that visitors are presently needed to utilize the streetcar gave to carry their own baggage to their rooms.

Seiji doesn’t say anything negative, on the grounds that in the wake of paying 13,000 yen or RP1.7 million for his room, which accompanies two top notch suppers, he recollects that he has requested a “self-stay” bundle, which implies some extravagance additional items have been managed in return for limits.

Seiji felt as though he could cheerfully stay here and gaze at the trees the entire evening, yet that is the point at which he heard a voice calling out from outside his room entryway. At the point when she opened the entryway, she saw a staff part welcome her happily… what’s more, streetcars loaded with food.

On work day nights, staff will serve visitors suppers step by step as visitors find a seat at tables inside, yet since the pandemic, staff are not, at this point permitted into visitor rooms with visitors. So the staff part apologized and inquired as to whether he wouldn’t fret serving the food he brought for himself, as a feature of a “self-cooking” plan.

Seiji was exceptionally glad to conform to this self-solicitation, and it didn’t take long for him to set up a table with all that had been given to him, as everything had been set up ahead of time and very much masterminded on the plate.

The supper bundle included with his visit was named the “bento” supper, however this was no standard bento, as it was presented with tasteful fixings like sashimi, tempura, barbecued fish, braised dishes, and hamburger shabu hotpot.

Seiji really inclines toward this style of self-administration supper. While it’s decent if your food is served to you by an agreeable host, now and again there’s an inclination of strain to have a light discussion and finish your feast when the worker gets back to the room. Nonetheless, by serving himself, Seiji can appreciate a loosening up supper without interference.

At that point came an opportunity to appreciate the regular natural aquifers, which were initially worked by the inn in the wake of being found by a logger and a priest who had a dream of water recuperating during the 700s.

As indicated by Mr Saka, oneself assistance plan started in 2020 to help cause visitors to feel good during the developing pandemic, and in spite of the fact that from the outset it shocked clients a bit. Saka said oneself assistance bundle, what begins at 8,000 yen, will proceed for the time being, as they get an exceptionally sure reaction from visitors, who remark on how simple and helpful it makes them stay. .

The inn is presently considering proceeding with the arrangement a possibility for visitors even after the Coronavirus flare-up dies down, and Seiji himself thinks this is a smart thought, as it permits visitors to hold command throughout how they utilize their time at the ryokan, taking everything in.

They trust this new self-administration plan serves to assist organizations with getting the current emergency, in light of the fact that subsequent to finding out about the sad conclusion of Edo-time eateries and the battle for the liquidation of past Keiunkan proprietors, there has never been a more significant time for it. help save the delicate history of Japan’s most established business.




The Japanese ' Rushmore ' Nearby Individuals

Juroku’s Companions, The Japanese ‘ Rushmore ‘ Nearby Individuals

Before the models on the United States Mountain of Rushmore out of appreciation for his four presidenos were completed until 1941, Japan had cut Buddhist figures just as the Buddhist figure himself on a rough volcanic mountain since the year 1864. Named Juroku companions Iwa (十六羅漢岩), the model is situated on the pile of Chokai situated on the southern outskirt of Akita and Yamagata Prefecture, Tohoku. Would you be able to discover them in the photograph beneath?

The Japanese ' Rushmore ' Nearby Individuals

The Japanese ‘ Rushmore ‘ Nearby Individuals

Made for a long time, this landmark entered the rundown of 100 legacy destinations in Japanese angling town. The face cut here is the substance of 22 Buddhist convictions. The possibility of the cutting was gotten from the sanctuary minister Fukura Kaizen named Kankai to grieve the anglers and the sinking mariners and appeal to God for the wellbeing of those in the ocean.

The Japanese ' Rushmore ' Nearby Individuals

The Japanese ‘ Rushmore ‘ Nearby Individuals

The declaration of these figures delineates great conduct, for example, friendship and devotion of 16 arahats (somebody who is liberated from desire in Buddhist convictions), the organizer of Buddha – Siddhartha Gautama, and five other holy figures. Expect to see the dispersed coins close to this model since individuals come to implore seeking after the solicitation to be conceded by those figures.

The Japanese ' Rushmore ' Nearby Individuals

The Japanese ‘ Rushmore ‘ Nearby Individuals

Come when the yearly celebration is held in July. Around then, the Juroku accomplice Iwa on the seafront would be lit up with light that would make the model increasingly noticeable. Joined by the land breeze and the rush of waves throughout the night, possibly you can think subsequent to being motivated by these etched figures.

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You can come here via vehicle or taxi for a brief ride from Uetsu Honsen Fukura Station or a brief stroll from the station.

Area: Nishidate Fukura, Yuza-machi, Akumi-firearm, Yamagata




Suggestions for Japanese Glamping Spots to Loosen up

Suggestions for Japanese Glamping Spots to Loosen up

Kyushu is home to a portion of Japan’s most wonderful glamping areas. Here are the glamping areas on the ocean, mountains, and center of the city.

Level Yakuin Glamping (Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Level Glamping is situated on the housetop of Fukuoka. Each tent at this glamping area can suit four to five grown-ups (greatest 10). Visitors can decide to unwind in the tent or remain outside while respecting the starry sky. On the second floor there are two rooms accessible for unwinding.

Level Yakuin Glamping

Level Yakuin Glamping

Level Yakuin Glamping is situated in Sanko Building RF, 1-4-18 Shirokane, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Open from 10.00 to 22.00 (legitimate for three hours use). The expense begins from 5,000 yen for one hour remain while the medium-term stay costs 10,000 yen for each room. Visitors can call them at + 81-80-2144-4671 and reserve a spot by means of the Space Market, Instabase and SpaNavi destinations. The spot is a three-minute stroll from Seitetsu Yakuin station.

STELLA SPORTS (Nishimerason, Miyazaki Prefecture)

STELLA SPORTS is situated along the River Nishimera town, Miyazaki. Here, guests can appreciate the “Ducky ” during the day and stargazing around evening time. The nourishment gave on this site is a BBQ dish that utilizations fixings from Miyazaki. There is likewise a restroom, shower and Yutato natural aquifer close by.

7 Traveling Exercises That Influence Wellbeing

STELLA SPORTS is situated at 125-12 Nishimerasonmurasho in the Koyu locale of Miyazaki Prefecture. Registration is legitimate at 16.00, while registration is at 10.00. The expense will be 14,040 yen for one individual’s stay with two dinners. Visitors can reserve a spot through the site or by reaching them at + 81-983-36-1305.

GLAGANA/Onojo city, Fukuoka Prefecture

GLAGANA can be gotten to in around 30 minutes via vehicle from downtown Fukuoka. This site is a helpful touring spot for visiting Dazaifu Tenmangu and Mount Homan.

GLAGANA Onojo city, Fukuoka Prefecture

GLAGANA Onojo city, Fukuoka Prefecture

GLAGANA is situated at 577-1 Otogane, Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Registration is somewhere in the range of 15.00 and 17.00, while registration is from 10.00 until 12.00. The expense will be 19,440 yen. Visitors can reserve a spot through the site or call them at + 81-092-586-6768.

Keiryu Villa ITSUKI (Itsukimura, Kumamoto Prefecture)

Keiryu Villa ITSUKI is situated along the Kawabe River. Notwithstanding nature exercises, guests can likewise appreciate the staggering perspectives on the Itsuki town from their observatory.

Keiryu Villa ITSUKI is situated in 2859-7 Ko, Itsukimura, Kuma District, Kumamoto Prefecture. Registration is substantial at 15.00, while registration is at 11.00. The expense begins from 20,000 yen for one individual’s stay with two dinners. Visitors can reserve a spot by reaching them at + 81-966-29-8055.

COMOREBI (Yufu city, Oita Prefecture)

The COMOREBI is roughly 5,300 square centimeters in size. This spot offers three kinds of visitor rooms like “Lotus Bell Tent ” and “Water Stream “. Natural aquifers are likewise accessible in this spot .



COMOREBI is situated at 105 Tokimatsu, Hasamamachi, Yufu City, Oita. Registration is somewhere in the range of 16.00 and 20.00, while look at 10.00. The charge begins from 20,520 yen for one individual remaining with two suppers. Visitors can reserve a spot through the site or call them at + 81-92-736-1083.




7 Traveling Exercises That Influence Wellbeing

7 Traveling Exercises That Influence Wellbeing

Voyaging is a solid thing. Hence, after an outing to a spot, it ought to be progressively upbeat and sound. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you return home in a wiped out condition, it could not be right when voyaging.

As detailed by Smarter Travel, there are some normal things explorers frequently do and coincidentally influence their wellbeing.

Here are seven regular missteps explorers do:

1. Shoeless when crossing air terminal security

7 Traveling Exercises That Influence Wellbeing

7 Traveling Exercises That Influence Wellbeing

To enter the air terminal, guests must pass a few security posts ahead of time. As a rule, the agent will check every one of the explorers ‘ possessions.

For keeping the security, air terminal officials for the most part expect travelers to take off footwear. At the point when the shoe goes into the X-beam machine, the traveler runs shoeless at the air terminal.

Simply think, you shoeless advance on the floor that was recently stepped on the other individual with footwear. You don’t have the foggiest idea what they are stomping on and take to the air terminal.

In this manner, make a point to wash your feet in the wake of strolling shoeless.

On the site of WebMD, foot authority Kathleen M. Stone stated, the best way to counter the way that you stroll on the grimy floor is to wear socks.

“Cause, no one can tell what microscopic organisms adhere to the feet of another traveler,” he said.

2. Not sterilizing in the wake of utilizing the X-beam box

7 Traveling Exercises That Influence Wellbeing

7 Traveling Exercises That Influence Wellbeing

The air terminal requires all travelers ‘ possessions to enter the X-beam machine. Not rarely, little things like watches, will go into one box that the air terminal has given.

In any case, do you ever think what number of individuals are holding the container?

Envision an assortment of germs stuck in the container. The case resembles a hotspot for an assortment of germs from many different travelers ‘ hands.

Ensure you wash your hand in the wake of holding the X-beam box.

3. Drink from water fountain

Many travel tips propose conveying filtered water top off and utilize a typical water source to spare expense. Be that as it may, along these lines I can hurt your wellbeing.


An investigation led by the Toronto Star paper tried 20 normal water sources and water cooling in the entirety of Toronto, Canada.

The investigation discovered, half of the regularly tried water sources contain too much high bacterial levels to check.

Virginia Tech water Expert, Marc Edwards, talks about the dangers of utilizing drinking water sources.

“Clients improve the probability of hurtful introduction,” he said.

It additionally includes the plausibility of hurtful pathogens that can live, including E-coli and Legionella, which can mess stomach related up and manifestations, for example, pneumonia.

4. Utilize your telephone when eating

A strong calendar frequently drives you to have a telephone while eating. In any case, do you realize that this movement can hurt wellbeing?

Research appears, our cell phones are filthy and convey a wide range of microscopic organisms.

In this manner, when you switch between eating by hand and contacting the screen of the telephone with a similar hand, in a roundabout way encourage the microscopic organisms to enter the mouth.

In the event that you have to utilize your telephone while eating, make certain to clean it with a tissue.

5. Try not to wear shoes

In the event that you utilize a mutual washroom, make certain to wear shoes. Cause, organisms that reason skin issues can cover up in lodgings.

When the floor of the lodging feels warm and covered pleasant, don’t close the probability can transmit skin sicknesses.

The explanation is, cover is likely an ideal rearing spot for parasites like life forms.

6. Utilizing the Remote lodging

Simply envision, what number of individuals contacted the remote in your lodging? Do you realize that the remote is seldom tidied up?

A Houston University study finds, the remote is perhaps the dirtiest item in the lodging.

In the event that you are enticed to turn on the TV in the lodging, make certain to clean the remote first.

7. Not wearing shoes in the flying machine restroom

One of the flight realities is that the restroom is filthy. When was the last time you saw airline stewards cleaning the plane’s restroom?

Travel master Johnny Jet expresses: “Wear your shoes! The restroom of the plane is sickening and filthy. ”




Cat Islands In Japan

Islands In Japan This Is Constrained By Numerous Felines, Appropriate For You Feline Darlings

Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan is known as the Cat Paradise. Two of the islands in the prefecture are Jogashima and Enoshima, well known as a spot for some felines. These felines are thought about by neighborhood individuals volunteers.

Jogashima Island

You will discover numerous felines in the recreation center on Jogashima Island. They are typically found instead of sprouting blossoms like in stopping territory and around the observatory zone inside the recreation center. There are numerous red female felines in the Jogashima beacon. They frequently dozed on porches and wooden walkways, as if they were guarding the beacon.

Cat Islands In Japan

Cat Islands In Japan

Jogashima Island is situated in Jogashima, Misakimachi, Miura City, Kanagawa. Jogashima Lighthouse is a three-minute stroll from Jogashima transport Stop (around a 28-minute transport ride from Keikyu Misakiguchi station). Jogashima Park is a seven-minute stroll from Hakushuhimae transport stop (around a short ways from Keikyu Misakiguchi station).

Isoryouri Kanea

Subsequent to visiting the island, it’s the ideal opportunity for lunch at Isoryuori Kanea. Here you can appreciate the fish Misaki and the new Shonan-shirasu fish sent legitimately from the ocean. It is home to three of the most mainstream felines on Jogashima Island, which is Miko, Don-chan, Hanako.

Cat Islands In Japan

Cat Islands In Japan

The morning before the café is open, the felines frequently stroll around the stones and extensions.

Cat Islands In Japan

Cat Islands In Japan

Isoryouri Kanea is situated at 689 Jogashima Misakimachi, Miura City, Kanagawa. The entrance is a three-minute stroll from Jogashima transport Stop (around a 28-minute transport ride from Keikyu Misakiguchi station) and is open from 11.00 to 17.00 on working hrai and 10.00 to 19.0 on ends of the week.


Enoshima Island is additionally possessed by numerous felines. The Kijitora feline is the primary feline to welcome you while passing Benten Bridge. They are well disposed and will make you shocked to all of a sudden sit before you.

There are a few different felines at the passageway of Enoshima Escalator, which is situated behind Benten Nakamise Dori. Around the Fuku Stones there is a path for felines, so you can meet them while strolling in the region.

In Enoshima, you’ll meet the most felines in the Okutsumiya territory. Bunches of sun-doused felines close Wadatsuminomiya Park. You can meet a feline sitting almost a stone that is accepted to have mysterious forces (control stone) with the goal that it would seem that a feline God. Felines additionally love to accumulate in the purging region inside the Shinto sanctum in the zone.

Cat Islands In Japan

Cat Islands In Japan

Enoshima Island is situated in Enoshima, Fujisawa, Kanagawa. It is a 18-minute stroll from Shonan Monorail Station – Shonan Enoshima or a 17-minute stroll from Enoshima Dentetsu – Enoshima station, or a 13-minute stroll from the Odakyu Enoshima line – Katase Enoshima station.